Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Upside down in Batgirl jammies....

Last week, i dreamt of friendly cockroaches in Venice...this morning, i woke following a rather disturbing dream in which everything was upside down. It was as though i was watching a television while standing on my head. uncomfortable much? hell,i even woke *feeling* uncomfortable because of it. Odd and definitely a new subconscious experience.

Now,onward to the artwork related happenings of the previous week.(i am trying to make this blog at least a bi-weekly habit hmmmm ). So,i purchased fresh new panels, finally had a few art prints made of current favorite paintings... played with my "studio" art nude experiments.. and acquired a new re-usable bag to add to my collection (extra points for it being a BLICK bag!!!) oooh! ooh ooh! mustn't forget my new Batgirl pajamas. Sketching in my Batgirl pajamas raises my badass geeky girl-artist quotient right??

Moving on... i finally wrapped by talons around Richard Milward's "Ten Storey Lovesong".Surprise surprise, it failed. Premise? Broke,druggy artist makes it big while neighbors and friends self-destruct around him,tastes fame and realizes that passion and the lovable dysfunction of the world he inhabits is truly what happiness is all about.
*yawn* sounds like an indy-fest movie script to me! Ah, but i did get a good lesson in British slang from it. My favorite new word: "Undercrackers"!

Ok..it is now 12:47 and this beast must sleep but before i go,i should mention that i will be participating in the "Undead Art Show" this summer. i have 3 pieces due in a month. OI!...a very happy "OI" but,an "OI!" nonetheless! Work work work!!! But first, i ZzZzzzZzzzzzz.......

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