Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Nekkid art and bad bookage

Since last i've posted...ive endured 512 pages of "bestseller" torture (oh, the sad sad SAD tastes of the general public!) and, have been inhaling/ handling far too many toxic chemicals....(petroleum distillates must somehow be less threatening when they are odorless am i right?)

i wont speak too much about my new colorful little brain-to-hand-paper vomits,because i am still very much in "OMG im making a mess, i dont know what the FRACK im doing but i love it WOOHOO!"mode so, slight peekage will suffice for now. i do have some plans brewing for this new mixed media venture...and in my head at least, the results appear to be fabulous

Now...onward to my pointless, odious mini-rant on "The Gargoyle" by Andrew Davidson. Good Lord, What exactly *is* is the demographic for this sort of genre? oh, thats right...sweater-set wearing, sexually dissatisfied housewife/soccer mommas. Only they could appreciate a premise as obnoxious as a tortured ex male-porn star who learns to LOVE a "mysterious" pseudo-sheherezadian stranger with tacky religious tattoos. Ohhhhh spare me. i would be much more beguiled by a 4 eyed midget wearing cowboy boots walking a cricket on a leash. I should write a novel...i can see the cover letter now...Dear Walmart,sell my crap to the hoardes...i wanna make my millions!

Thankfully, i have picked up a couple of new books which will hopefully spare me any further mental trauma . *pats paperbacks lovingly*.
Ok...off i go to return to sniffing toxins and getting pastel in questionable places.

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