Thursday, June 10, 2010


So,i missed the 2 week update mark by a couple of days...woops! (although to be honest getting a c02 laser to the face doesnt exactly leave me in a blogging mood) anyway, here i am.... with good news. i will be participating in the San Diego Undead Art Show in July.

Zombies? ME? a lovely match made in hell i say! i am very much looking forward to such, ive been working on 2 dead lovelies for the show. (have yet to make a decision on how many i am including in the show)many thanks to the FABULOUS Dark Vomit (aka Kelly Hutchinson) for curating this show and giving me the chance to take part. his work is amazing! ah, and the web video game that will be released to coincide w/the show is equally fabulous! photos of my in progress sexy dead girls will be posted eventually...for now, here is a peep at a rough flyer and the YouTube teaser: